The drying system with the highest energy saving: more than 40%. From smallest dryer - DRYWELL 50 to high capacity -DRYWELL 250.
Main features

  • High performance dust free dehumidifying rotor driven by a step motor.
  • Double brushless blower (process & regeneration) circuit with adjustable speed control
  • Self adjustable air flow on the production demand.
  • Self adjustable Dew Point control without dew point sensor.
  • Compressed air free.
  • Water free.
  • SMART MODE,a system that monitors the throughput of dried material and automatically adjusts the airflow.
  • SLS Safety Loading Management, a system that prevents the use of material before it has been properly dried.
  • Anti stress system, that with SMART MODE, preserves the material from oxidation and/or over drying."